Welcome To My Studio!

I'm Aubree.

I am a painter the creative mind behind everything that is produced here at Practically Home.

Keepin' it real since 1993

I am a painter, artist, and interior design lover, but most importantly I am a wife and mother with big dreams. I'm obsessed with home baked goods, chocolate milkshakes, throw pillows and yoga pants.

Where it all started..

From an incredibly young age, I felt that I had been gifted with an eye for true artistry and a love for creativity. As a child, I remember my parents having their own creative outlet. My dad painted custom cars and my mom was incredibly good at stenciling and DIY. I remember on my 6th birthday I had asked my dad to paint a Tweety Bird on my birthday cake (if you were born in the 90's then you know what I'm talking about). I was so amazed at how my dad was able to freehand the most perfect Tweety Bird. I knew I wanted to be able to paint like he did one day.

Let's explore the world


As I grew older, I was able to practice my skills and truly hone in on my painting abilities. At the age of 18, I was presented the amazing opportunity to travel overseas and work for Disney in the beautiful city of Tokyo Japan. Soon after I traveled over to 27 countries. The differences in cultural experiences that I was able to now partake in and the beauty within the various new landscapes I was viewing were the elements that I was able to draw inspiration from and integrate into my paintings. Milan, Italy was one of my favorites places we traveled to, I loved it so much that I decided that all my paintings will be named in italian.

We said 'I do"


Cue the pet names. This babe is my one and only and I couldn't imagine doing life without him. Little did he know that he was marrying a paint lovin woman with big dreams. Fast forward to today, we now have 3 beautiful children that fill our lives with so much joy. 

Let's Be Honest

We all can't look good at the same time. It's either me, the kids or the house.

A Brand was born


With a year of new beginnings and old endings, I was inspired to pickup my paint brush and began painting scenic landscapes and authentic abstracts. After 120 paintings were produced my company Practically Home naturally came together. My mission here at Practically Home is help inspire others through meaningful artwork to embrace who they are meant to be.